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Stress and Anxiety: Self-Care is the key

“The Best Health Care Plan is a Self-Care Plan.”

Nina Leavins, Founder of Institute for Healthy Lifestyle Habits

The culture we live in now, have shown and taught us how to find easy fixes to our problems when dealing with stress and anxiety. Like I mentioned in my blog Medical Degree or First Hand Experience: What would you chose?, people struggle when searching for help on medical issues, pulling people back and forth on whether to trust health care professionals or first hand experience. What if it was both? A medical professional telling you the solution was as simple as taking time for yourself?

More than 60% of all visits to healthcare providers are related to Stress and Anxiety. Pharmaceuticals and Surgical procedures are two ways medical professionals have tried to combat these problems, but in today’s generation, people are starting to turn to a third way for a solution: Self-Care.

For those that believe drugs and surgeries are not an option they are willing to consider, I came across a 10 Step Self Care method called Relaxation Response that does not cost you anything, but a little of You time. Check out the following links to see if Self-care is the key for you.

Relaxation Response: 10 easy and simple self care steps to combat stress and anxiety.

IG: Relaxation Response: shareable step by step posts

AguaYTequila Podcast: Episode 3: Relaxation Response

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